viernes, 23 de marzo de 2012

The Beatles wanted in Siberia

The Beatles procession over the Abbey Road zebra crossing in 1969 is to be reconstructed in Russia, in the form of a monument. Once the money is found, it could see the Fab Four walking across a zebra crossing on Lenin Avenue in Siberia.
­The iconic photo shoot for the ‘Abbey Road’ album has inspired a Siberian sculptor, Anton Gnedykh, to create his version of one of the key covers in history, cast in bronze.
The monument to The Beatles was due to have appeared in the city of Tomsk, Western Siberia, last year.
However, it has recently turned out there is no money to finish the project.
If the sculptor can’t raise the $200,000 needed, the Siberian monument may have to move to the more prosperous Russian capital, Moscow.


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