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Bush records the Beatles’ “Come Together”- Gavin Rossdale interview with Yahoo! Canada Music

'90s rock band Bush may have been out of the spotlight for a while but they are making a comeback with a classic rock tune.
It's been a fan favourite on stage in recent months on tour and the band's frontman, Gavin Rossdale, confirmed in an interview with Yahoo! Canada Music that they have indeed recorded a studio version of the Beatles' 1969 track, "Come Together."
"We just recorded it, actually, I just finished the mix of it this morning," Rossdale said by telephone.
While recording the band's rendition of the legendary rock song, Rossdale said that they were successful in finding a way to keep the track close to the original while still putting Bush's signature spin on it.
"If you do it like the original, then it becomes like karaoke, which makes no sense," Rossdale said. "Trying to even attempt to recreate one of the greatest bands of all time's greatest songs is a stupid move. But, it was really fun to do and we have elements of the original and then of course you've got me singing it. Chris [Traynor created] a really cool riff to play with it so, I think we found a balance, basically."
Given its recent appearance on show set lists, "Come Together" stands a good chance at being featured on the line up when Bush starts touring as an opener for Nickelback on their "Here and Now Tour" this spring.
Acting as an opener is a new position for Bush, but one that Rossdale says will serve as an opportunity to generate a new following while reuniting the band with their established fan base.
"We [want] to reach an audience that don't know us," Rossdale explained. "It's going to be coming out with guns blazing and just trying to give the people a good time [every night.]"
Bush returned to the music scene in 2011 after a 10-year hiatus with their album, "The Sea of Memories." The disc was released under Rossdale's label, Zuma Rock Records and in partnership with eOne Music, making it the band's first indie effort.
According to Bush's website, the album's first single, "The Sound of Winter," broke records when it became the first self-released song to reach number one on Alternative Radio.
Being part of an indie label is something that Rossdale says is, "Easier, quicker, more effective [and] more streamlined." The frontman said that, "You don't obviously have the power and the reach of those majors, but you get the chance to go to work."
Check out Bush when they head north of the border this spring on Nickelback's "Here and Now Tour" with their first Canadian stop in Montreal on April 21. They will perform alongside other rock acts like Seether and Toronto's own, My Darkest Days.
Until then, listen to the band's live rendition of "Come Together" featured below.

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