lunes, 30 de julio de 2012

Beatles Social Network says 'thanks a million' to Fab Four fans

David Bedford, creator and administrator of the Beatles Social Network, has issued a big thank you letter this morning to the many fans who have joined the site, and invited more to sign up. A press release issued this morning begins, “When the Beatles Social Network was launched in March 2012, there was a rush to join up with the world’s first Beatles-only social network. Just four months later, it already has over 1200 members, who are sharing stories, images and videos of The Beatles.”
We previously reported on this great new network for Beatles fans and interviewed David (read it here). David’s background growing up in Liverpool, intense knowledge of the Fab Four, and his technical expertise helped the late Jim Atkisson’s vision for a Beatles social network come true. He is also the author of the book, “Liddypool: Birthplace of the Beatles”.
Noting that there have been over 1.3 million page views since its launch, David is elated with its success, saying “We wanted to provide a social network for Beatles fans that would give everyone the chance to talk about their favourite group and not be distracted by some of the irrelevant trivia that bloats other social networks.”
David promises more features on the way: a special Store and eBay-style Auction within the Beatles Social Network (BSN), so that fans, authors, artists and more can display and sell their products. This is another unique feature that Bedford hopes will attract even more members.
One of the greatest innovations for the BSN has been the exclusive addition of internet radio station, Beatles-A-Rama, whose 24-hour Beatles radio station plays “live” within the BSN. Listening to some great Beatles music during your time on the network encourages fans to stay on the network for longer each visit. (Read our article about Beatles-A-Rama here.)
The Beatles Social Network is free to join and offers fans the chance to:
· Share pictures and videos
· Join forums and groups
· Ask questions and vote in polls
· Get the latest Beatles news from several sources into the site twice a day
· Read and create blogs
· Check for the latest events happening around the world.


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