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In the market for a magical mystery mansion? Beverly Hills villa where the Beatles tripped on LSD available for $3.1m (and it doesn't appear to have changed decor since)

A long way from Liverpool: The LA mansion, which is on the market for $3.1million, was rented by The Beatles in 1965

Acid experiment: The plush surroundings of the villa in the Benedict Canyon was where The Beatles threw LSD parties in the Sixties

A day in the life: The luxurious home was owned by actress Zsa Zsa Gabor when the Beatles rented it but also belonged to Cary Grant at one time

Fab life: The Beatles holed up at the mansion for a week, inviting celebrity friends Peter Fonda, Joan Baez and the Byrds to party with them

Secluded: The compound in Beverly Hills was besieged by Beatles' fans in 1965 keeping the Fab Four trapped inside

Expanding horizons: The Beatles invited fellow musicians and actors including Easy Rider star Peter Fonda to their rental home in the Californian hills
Hidden: The Beatles had achieved global fame by 1965 and that year's North American tour included dates at the Hollywood Bowl. The villa was supposed to allow the Fab Four privacy... but fans found them
 Inspiration: John Lennon said that Peter Fonda's comments while on an acid trip at the house led to the lyrics for She Said She Said

Vivid: The band were trapped in the mansion after fans found out the address and besieged the property

Rest and relaxation: The Beatles' manager Brian Epstein rented the home from Zsa Zsa Gabor so the band could take a break on their North American tour
Band on the run: The Beatles tried to hide at the property but their devoted fans tried to scale the canyon behind the property to reach them
A luxury Beverly Hills villa that was the scene of one of the Beatles most infamous parties has gone on sale - and appeared to have retained its psychedelic ambiance with some seriously retro decor.
The mansion, built in 1949 in Benedict Canyon, Los Angeles, lists previous owners as Cary Grant and Zsa Zsa Gabor and can be yours for $3.1 million.
The Beatles rented the 4,330 square-foot, Spanish-style house from actress Gabor in 1965 while on their North American Tour for some much-needed privacy and rest.
However after inviting celebrity friends to their hideaway, the band took LSD, embarking on a two-day trip that inspired Lennon and McCartney to write song She Said, She Said.

With four bedrooms, six bathrooms, two wet bars, a wine cellar, hardwood floors, five fireplaces, six car garage, pool - and 2.53 acres - there is plenty of room for rock and roll excess.
The decor - heavily-patterned couches, wooden panels and a faux French chateau vibe - appeared to have had little done to it since the Fab Four paid a visit.
Realtor Roger Perry told MailOnline that the home was put on the market on August 23 by current owner Pamela Juhos.
The mansion was rented in late August 1965 by the band's manager Brian Epstein to give them a break from touring.

Fellow musicians the Byrds and actor Peter Fonda also stopped by, leading to the moment the Beatles - minus Paul McCartney - took LSD.

The song She Said, She Said was later described by Lennon as an 'acidy song'.
It has been suggested that he was inspired by comments Fonda made while the band and their guests were sitting in a huge empty bathtub in the master bedroom, high on hallucinogenics.
She Said She Said features on the 1966 Revolver album - added by the band because they were a track short.
Ringo Starr said of the album's recording: 'We were having more fun in the studio, from Revolver Rubber Soul as it was building up, it was getting more experimental, the songs were getting better, more interesting.
'So that’s where we were going.'
Revolver entered the British and U.S. charts at number one, staying there for seven and six weeks respectively.

The band's seventh studio album is considered one of their greatest musical achievements and regularly is included in lists of the best albums of all time.
When asked about the influence of drug-taking on their music, John Lennon told an interviewer in 1972: 'They don't make you write any better. I never wrote any better stuff because I was on acid or not on acid.'
The property is listed on Hauteliving.com, a cluster of some of the most opulent homes on the market around the world.

Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk

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