domingo, 19 de agosto de 2012

New Beatles' 'Magical Mystery Tour Revisited' doc to be screened with film in UK

The British Film Institute has provided yet another clue to the puzzle and another indication to the yet-unannounced Blu-ray and restored DVD releases of 'Magical Mystery Tour' in October.
Their page shows that on Oct. 2, a week ahead of the rumored release date of the new DVD on Oct. 9, the British Film Institute will screen “Magical Mystery Tour” and a new behind-the-scenes BBC-TV “Arena” series feature, “Magical Mystery Tour Revisited.”
A description for the “Revisited” film, which the page concisely describes it as an “Arena documentary telling the story behind The Beatles' polarising third feature, screening alongside the film itself,” gives a few details.
“In September 1967, The Beatles made their third film featuring six new songs – a dreamlike story of a coach day trip to the seaside. It was seen by a third of the nation, at 8:35 on BBC1 on Boxing Day in black and white, and all hell broke loose. 'Magical Mystery Tour' was greeted with outrage and derision by middle England and the establishment media. ‘How dare they?’, they cried – ‘They’re not film directors, who do they think they are?’, they howled. Where were the four lovable moptops of 'Help!' and 'A Hard Day’s Night'? Now, after 45 years, this virtually forgotten film has been fully restored and, screening alongside it, BBC TV’s multi-award- winning 'Arena' tells this greatest of untold Beatles stories with contributors including Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Paul Merton, Terry Gilliam, Peter Fonda and Neil Innes. Roll up for the Mystery Tour!”
General admission tickets are £10 each. (Members pay £1.50 less). They go on sale Aug. 21.
BBC-TV listings currently don't show a date for the film to be broadcast, though Richard Porter of reports it'll be aired on the BBC. Oct. 5.

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