domingo, 12 de agosto de 2012

Ringo Starr in Nashville, 72nd Birthday July 7, 2012 at The Hard Rock Cafe

Ringo's annual tradition of sending the world PEACE & LOVE. He points to my sign that says "It's my birthday too, YEAH!". (Which yes, my birthday is on Ringo's!). A spontaneous "Give Peace a Chance" breaks out at the end.

Hope you ENJOY this video and will check out the other live videos on my page. I also have a 2nd page called just "The Daily Vinyl". It is for my more artistic endeavors using original vinyl record LPs.

Oh, another note about this video. This is my first attempt at fiddling with Adobe CS6 Premiere Pro's stabilization options. I know sometimes transitions are strange or there are various artifacts here & there. Hopefully it made for a better viewing experience, but I'm sure I'll get better at the tweaks later on.

Blessings, and Happy Birthday to you Ringo, my brother!

And if this is your first time seeing one of my videos, I hope you'll check out my 2 YouTube channels. This one is dedicated to concert videos that I filmed at live shows. My other channel TheDailyVinyl is where I get creative! I film my turntable in random places with different things happening in the background. Visit my website for more videos and please join the facebook page

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