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Ringo Starr talks about 'Revolver,' end of All-Starr Band tour in new update

In his latest video update recorded on Aug. 8, Ringo Starr begins by paying tribute to the birthday of a Beatles album.
“It's the eighth of the eighth and guess whose birthday it is? It's “Revolver's,” Ringo says as the video update opens. The album just passed its 45th anniversary on Aug. 5. In the video, Starr displays the "Revolver" t-shirt he's wearing.
“And I'd like to thank John, George and Paul for helping me out as I made that record," he says. Which he follows with, "and they know I love them. Peace and love.”
As a clip of “With a Little Help From My Friends” from the final show on the tour at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles begins, he talked about the end of the tour with the 12th edition of his All-Starr Band.
“A great band,” he said, “helping me have a great great summer." Then he thanked all of the members individually.
He closes the update saying, “I love you all. Peace and love,” then says he hopes those traveling on the road this summer have a great time.
“And remember, I'll be remembering you.”

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