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Princess Diana and Paul Mccartney Photo: Stephanie Cardinale /Imapress / Globe Photos Inc Princessdianaretro
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HUNDREDS of millions will watch him perform at the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee concert at Buckingham Palace next month. But Day & Night can exclusively reveal that Sir Paul McCartney once gave a unique royal command performance for a very exclusive audience made up of Diana, Princess of Wales and her two sons.
The secret gig took place in January 1993. Macca, then 50, was filming the video for his single Biker Like An Icon at Pinewood Studios. Midway through the shoot the security team were told that an unexpected VIP was outside the set asking to come in.
“We said it was strictly no visitors until we were told, ‘Yeah but it’s Princess Diana,'” Sir Paul’s former spokesman Geoff Baker tells Day & Night. “The Princess entered the set holding the hands of the two princes.”
And it was Princes William and Harry – then aged 10 and eight respectively – who inspired the impromptu performance that followed.
“The royal party went to the stage and Macca asked the boys what they would like to hear him play,” recalls Baker.
“They said ‘rock ’n’ roll’ and so Paul led the band through an impromptu royal command performance.”
Diana and the princes were treated to Macca’s hits Can’t Buy Me Love, Rave On and I Saw Her Standing There.
Remarkably the whole impromptu affair took place while the cameras were still running.
And although neither the Princes nor the Queen has ever seen the footage we reckon a DVD of the gig would make a great Diamond Jubilee present for her Majesty.
By Lizzie Catt with Lisa Higgins and Jack Teague

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