viernes, 12 de octubre de 2012

Beatles penis painting vandalized at Liverpool museum

A piece of art depicting the anatomy of the members of the Beatles has been defaced while on display at the Museum of Liverpool. The controversial painting, entitled “The Beatles in America” was vandalized by visitors (the soft oil on the canvas was badly smudged).
The artist, Jonathan Gent, had donated the piece to be auctioned off in a charity fundraiser for a children’s hospital. The work shows shriveled, dried up versions of the band members’ members, each labeled with the owner’s name.
Gent told the Liverpool Click, “It’s as intimate a piece as you can get about The Beatles. That was really what I was after because they are such a global thing — this untouchable thing and that is what interests me most about them. So this idea of suddenly having their penises on a canvas it was, I guess, about closeness, getting close to this idol in some way.”
Specialists are currently examining the work to see if it can be restored in time for auction in November. Though, it’s still not clear how or where Gent came to find the genitalia to model the artwork after.


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