viernes, 19 de octubre de 2012

New Beatles book coming: The Backstage Story of the historic tours of 1964-1966

Just when you thought every possible Beatles book had been written, yet another new Beatles book is on the horizon, and we think this is one you'll certainly look forward to. Chuck Gunderson, leading authority on the Beatles’ tours, has written us to say he is currently writing “We Want the Beatles: The Backstage Story Of How The Fab Four Rocked America, the Historic Tours of 1964-1966.”
It is due for release in late 2013-14, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Beatles' historic first American tour. The book will give a synopsis of the group's activities in each city as they traveled the United States and Canada for all three of their groundbreaking tours.
Gunderson told us that his book will cover all the Beatles’ U.S. concerts: “Beginning with San Francisco's Cow Palace show on August 19, 1964, through their last-ever live performance at the city's famed Candlestick Park on August 29, 1966, this book will cover the music and the madness that characterized their North American tours.”
"There will be hundreds of photographs and images of rare memorabilia," Gunderson said, making it the “definitive reference for what is arguably the most important period in The Beatles' long and winding career.”
The author would like your help: “I really hope fans and professional photographers can submit new photos. I'm about done with the copy and my next step is the collection of images for the book. It will be in the "Spizer" style-high quality hardback, slick and glossy.”
The book includes behind-the-scenes negotiations, airport and hotel mayhem, the Beatles’ press conference wit, and opening acts. There will be “backstage stories” through the eyes of the Beatles, their entourage, the promoters, the emcees and the fans. He said, “It will be, without question, one of the truly essential books for any Beatles library.”
As mentioned above, here’s how you can participate in the creation of this landmark work. Gunderson told us, “I am currently seeking both professional and amateur photos from the 1964, 1965 and 1966 North American tours, with an emphasis on unpublished images. All contributors will be given a credit in the acknowledgements section of the book and, depending on the quality, grade and rarity of the image, financial compensation may be given. Before submitting photos, please scan them at a high resolution, preferably 300 dpi. Also, please list the city and year for each image.”
Did you see The Beatles in concert? Were you one of the thousands who waited for their airport arrival or who stormed their hotel when they played your city? Did you have a personal encounter with one or more of the band members? Gunderson said, "I’m looking for fans with unique stories that have not been previously published in other books, magazines or publications. If you've never shared your Beatle tale, now's the time to have it documented for posterity.”


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