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Sir Paul McCartney Composing Video Game Music

Bungie, the developers of the beloved Halo franchise, revealed a heaping stack of new information on their otherwise hushed game project "Destiny" this Sunday.
While that seems of little importance to the music world, there is an interesting guest aiding in the soundtrack composition for the game.
Regular fans of the franchise would be familiar with the composer Marty O'Donnell for his monolithic contributions to the previous Halo soundtracks, but this time he is getting a little help from rock n' roll legend, Sir Paul McCartney.
O'Donnell has been working with McCartney for roughly two years, creating the early soundtrack at the very Abbey Road Studios of Beatles fame. This collaboration has allowed McCartney to expand work with new melodic constructions and themes.

O'Donnell said this about McCartney: "He didn't only want to do Paul McCartney music. He wants to get involved in themes, how melodies and motives can be a touchpoint for people."
O'Donnell also commented on the cool factor associated with working with the former Beatle. In their discussions, O'Donnell mentioned that things like the looping on "Tomorrow Never Knows" are similar to what makes interactive music interesting.
O'Donnell mentioned of McCartney that "He said 'I'm gonna get that [looping] machine out of my closet and send you some stuff,'" and so it turns out that some of the game recordings have been done with the very same looping machine used on Revolver. Fun fact if you ever find yourself playing it one day.
So what's your take on all this? Is McCartney better off making "Paul McCartney music", or is it good that he is branching off into new fields?

Source: http://www.ultimate-guitar.com

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