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'Wings Over America' reissue announcement appears to be coming soon

Details for the long-rumored reissue of Paul McCartney's remastered “Wings Over America” will be announced soon, a spokesman for his label Hear Music told Beatles Examiner Wednesday.
Unconfirmed rumors have been flying about an impending reissue for a long time, but little solid information has been available. The latest word, from Beatlefan's Bill King on Tuesday, said that the reissue is planned for June and that the full project will include a complete re-release of the “Rockshow” tour film along with a ton of bells and whistles for the album.
Former Wings member Denny Laine all but confirmed the reissue in a recent interview with writer Michael Witthaus, saying he wasn't at liberty to discuss it, but had been interviewed about the album by Rolling Stone.
“Wings Over America” was originally released as a triple vinyl album in 1976. The album was compiled from 90 hours of shows recorded that year in May and June. It was a huge success, hitting number 1 on the charts in the U.S. and number 8 in the UK. It was later released as a double CD.
“Rockshow,” released in 1980, was compiled from a 1976 Wings show in Seattle. It has never received a full release. It was released on VHS with some numbers omitted. Excerpts were also released on the DVD compilation “The McCartney Years”compilation in 2007.
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