viernes, 15 de marzo de 2013

45 Years Ago: The Beatles ‘Lady Madonna’ Video Premieres

On March 14, 1968, BBC1′s ‘Top Of The Pops’ program premiered a new video clip from the Beatles for their then-new single, ‘Lady Madonna.’ Long before MTV-style music videos were the norm, the concept had already gained ground with the Beatles in 1965 and 1966.
“Out of convenience we decided we we’re just not going to go into the TV studios to promote our records so much, it was too much of a hassle,” said George Harrison in the Beatles’ ‘Anthology.’ “What we’ll do is just go and make our own little films, and we’ll put them out.”
The ‘Lady Madonna’ clip was filmed in the studio, and cut to show off the band hard at work, yet obviously having fun recording. The switch up here is that the footage was actually of the recording for the song ‘Hey Bulldog,’ which had yet to be released. Though the video doesn’t exactly sync up to the audio, it is a fascinating and entertaining view into the band in the studio. The record was released the next day, and within two weeks, it was sitting atop the U.K. charts.
It wouldn’t be until the release of the Beatles’ ‘Anthology’ in the mid-’90s, that the footage would be matched back to its original soundtrack of ‘Hey Bulldog.’

by Dave Swanson

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