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“Buddy Holly” and “Roy Orbison” coming to town

The Blue Ridge Dinner Theater will present two legends of rock and roll, Buddy Holly and Roy Orbison, brought back to life by skilled impersonators during a show from 6 p.m. until 10 p.m. on Saturday, March 30.
George Trullinger always knew he wanted to be in the music business. While impersonating Buddy Holly, he has the audience cracking up with his jokes about looking like a “geek” with his greasy, slicked-back hair, big horned-rim glasses, bow-tie, and white socks.
However, Trullinger really gets down to serious business when he launches into well-known Holly favorites like “Not Fade Away,” and “That’ll Be The Day,” during which he encourages the audience to singing along.
A native Californian, Trullinger worked as a young man at Disneyland during the day and played in a band at night. The band was fun for Trullinger, but he wanted a challenge.
Eventually, Trullinger met that challenge after he auditioned for the role of Paul McCartney in a Beatles tribute band. It wasn’t long before George was portraying the legendary rock star on stage throughout the country. Trullinger affectionately calls this time “paying my dues.”
While on the road as McCartney, Trullinger traveled with a Buddy Holly impersonator, and when the regular Holly impersonator got sick before a show, Trullinger was the only one available who fit the costume. From that night, he began to perfect the sound and costumes of Buddy Holly.
After a few months of practicing, Trullinger heard that “Legends in Concert” was looking for a Buddy Holly look-alike/sound-alike. By then, he had mastered Holly’s sound and his striking resemblance to the star made him a shoe in for the show.
With his charisma and energy, Trullinger has captivated audiences, both young and old, ever since.
Trullinger will also share Saturday night’s stage with Brian McCullough, a talented Roy Orbison impersonator who has won the respect from insiders who knew Orbison personally and professionally.
McCullough has been traveling and singing the beautiful and challenging songs of Roy Orbison full-time since 1992. His tribute artist career began as a hobby during his years of writing and hosting a radio show in New England.
A fan videotaped one of McCullough’s performances (without his knowledge) and sent it off to a Las Vegas producer. A surprised McCullough received a telephone call from producer John Stuart, who is connected with “Legends in Concert,” and McCullough’s journey impersonating Roy Orbison was quickly underway.
Since his first show in Atlantic City, he has enjoyed repeat appearances at showrooms in major casinos throughout the U.S. He has performed in Nashville, Myrtle Beach and Branson, plus stops all over Eastern Canada, New England, Texas, Florida, California, Arizona, Illinois, and in many Native American casinos across the U.S.
He has performed for members of Roy Orbison’s band and for some of Orbison’s most die-hard fans from across the world at their annual gatherings in Ohio and Nashville, giving him the chance to meet members of the original Orbison staff and some of the star’s friends and family.
The Blue Ridge Dinner Theater offers both entertainment and a buffet as part of their shows. Tickets are $30 for adults and $15 for children if pre-ordered, and $35 for adults and $17.50 for children at the door. Blue Ridge Dinner Theater is located at 9331 N.C. 16, West Jefferson.

by Staff report

Source: http://www.jeffersonpost.com

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