domingo, 3 de marzo de 2013

Fargen Amplification Launches JL-15 — John Lennon Signature Guitar Amplifier

If you’re going to channel one music icon with your gear, John Lennon would be an excellent choice.
In recognition of that, Fargen Amplification has launched its second guitar amplifier in tribute to both the sound and spirit of Beatle John. Designed by boutique amp specialist Ben Fargen, the John Lennon Signature JL-15 takes Lennon’s signature ‘60’s and ‘70’s tone and combines it with his famed self-portrait.
Guitarists, producers, and studios should all appreciate having this aspect of Lennon’s sound at their fingertips. Available now, the JL-15 carries an MSRP of $2,700 MSRP.
Here are the fab details from Fargen:
The JL-15 is the production version modeled after the limited edition Artist Series announced last December. The JL-15 is built with the same circuit, featuring a two-way Decade Switch that switches between distinctive John Lennon tones across the 60’s and 70’s – providing the guitarist with two amps in one. The amp also features a proprietary WGS ceramic speaker and a special acoustically transparent and UV-protected grill cloth that serves as the canvas for John Lennon’s iconic self-portrait.
“I’ve taken the design and features from the original limited edition Lennon Artist Series and built them into the JL-15, which is more accessible by players at-large, priced as the market would expect in a boutique combo,” says Ben Fargen, founder. “The tones produced by this amp are extremely accurate and based on years of knowledge and experience, not available like this elsewhere in the market.”

by David Weiss


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