martes, 19 de marzo de 2013

See The Fantastic Four As The Beatles, and Other Comic Book-Album Cover Mashups

Although not as long gone as the rock and roll billboard of yore, the album cover isn’t the creative focal point it used to be. But even if no new amazing album art were ever to emerge again, at least there is still an overflowing backlog of classics we can still feast our eyes and ears upon--and occasionally even repurpose.
Online comics mecca Comic Book Resources recently got into the spirit, with some iconic album art seasoned with an inked-up flavor. The magazine holds a collaborative weekly mashup art jamboree called The Line It Is Drawn, driven by suggestions from readers. Artists then take those suggestions and make them a reality.
In the last week of February, the selected theme was Music Album Cover Homages, and the artists involved did not disappoint. Contributors reanimated choice titles such as Michael Jackson’s Bad and the Gorillaz’s self-titled debut. The crown jewel, though, has to be the tribute to Marvel godhead Jack Kirby, whose many characters populate Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.
Have a look through the best of the mashups in the slide show above.

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