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Paul McCartney Attends Girlfriend Jane Asher’s Birthday Party in 1967

Paul McCartney, a member of the famous Beatle singing group, has a few words with Miss Jane Asher at a party in Denver on April 6, 1967 honoring Miss Asher’s birthday. Miss Asher is in Denver, Colo., with the Bristol Old Vic’s theater group. McCartney arrived in time to help her celebrate her 21st birthday. (AP Photo)
On this day in 1969, Paul McCartney flew out to Denver for his then-girlfriend Jane Asher’s 21st birthday party. The relationship was relatively short-lived, as McCartney and Asher broke up in 1968. But they were no less of a tabloid sensation when they were together.
Check out photos from the party (and the couple months later) below.

Matt Dolloff

Source: http://wzlx.cbslocal.com

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