viernes, 26 de abril de 2013

Paul McCartney pre-sale a log jam for some

Can't Buy Me Love — or a concert ticket, it seems.
The rush to see Paul McCartney started today. Registered fans of the former Beatle had first crack at concert tickets Thursday in a pre-sale.
McCartney is playing Regina in August. But even the pre-sale was a tough sell for fans like Ferne Wagner.
She still has a ticket stub from a 1964 Beatles concert. And she's trying hard to add another one.
"I'm trying to be patient because it's the first day and it's also pre-sale. So I don't want to lose hope that I won't be able to get tickets for myself and my daughters. But it's taking time. It's disappointing."
The pre-sale phenomenon has taken off in recent years. CBC Saskatchewan radio host, Dan Reynish, follows the concert industry closely. He says log jams like this are getting to be more of a problem.
"In the older days these pre-sales used to be quieter so you'd have a better chance of getting some. But for the most part everybody knows the pre-sale code."
The next Paul McCartney pre-sale goes tomorrow at 10 a.m. A limited number of tickets will be available. The rest of the tickets go on sale Monday.


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