martes, 14 de mayo de 2013

Yoko Ono Admits Being A Wife Of Late Beatles Star John Lennon 'Never Ends'

Yoko Ono explains being the wife of a Beatle 'never ends' (Joel Ginsburg/WENN)

During an interview on Radio 4's 'Woman's Hour,' the controversial artist and singer compared being married to the 'Imagine' singer to marrying a politician claiming that being a politician's wife would have been an easier life.
Discussing her controversial marriage to host Emma Barnett the 82-year-old admitted that she felt her career “totally” suffered from her marriage to John but heart warmingly insisted that: “Our love was so strong and so important for us that, you know, I shouldn't worry about if it's going to sacrifice my work or not."
She also prasied other wives of other Beatles saying she has a lot of “love and respect” for the women who have braved to walk down the aisle with any of the legendary musicians.
Yoko recently posted an image of John Lennon's bloodied glasses he wore as he was shot protesting against US gun control policies.

By Adam Miller


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