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See, I can do more than just sing! Paul McCartney, 71, playfully flexes his muscles in Poland

Jubilant: The 71-year-old looked thrilled to be in the city as he smiled for the cameras while a brunette who appeared to be his wife Nancy Shevell took snaps on her smartphone

Keeping it casual: Paul wore a simple blue T-shirt and trousers, and spotted a thick head of brown hair

His Evita moment: The singer stretched out his arms and appeared to sing as he serenaded photographers

 Look how strong I am! Paul McCartney flexed his muscles for the camera while on his balcony in Warsaw, Poland on Saturday
He is one of the greatest living music legends.
But Paul McCartney wants the world to know there's more to him than his formidable musical talent.
The 71-year-old was seen standing on his balcony in Warsaw, Poland flexing his arm muscles for photographers down below on Saturday.

The Beatles star had a playful look on his face as he playfully held his arms out, looking like he was straining a bit from the effort of flexing his biceps.
Paul - who turned 71 on June 18 - wore a simple blue T-shirt as he laughed and joked with photographers.
At one point he lifted his arms in front of him as if he were serenading the crowd as what appeared to be his wife Nancy Shevell took cellphone snaps next to him.

Paul played his first ever concert in Poland last night at Warsaw's National Stadium, according to his Twitter account.
He tweeted a Youtube video on Saturday showing 'Welcome Paul' written in lights.
'Each letter was over 80 metres high!' he said.


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