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Melvin explains Brewers free-agent situation, praises McCartney at Miller Park

The Milwaukee Brewers are enduring a painful, long and winding road of a 2013 season.

General Manager Doug Melvin says that these weeks before the late July trade deadline are filling with trade discussions with other general managers, and taking in legendary rockers like Paul McCartney at his team's ballpark.

Melvin didn't tell Newsradio 620 WTMJ's "Wisconsin's Morning News" if he took in calls and texts while McCartney rocked the house for three hours, but he's been taking in lots of texts at other times.

"I had a text at 8:00 a.m. from a ball club.  Today, it's not as many phone calls.  A lot of texting going on, where teams are at, they may be interested in so-and-so," said Melvin. 

"From here on until the end, the teams that are in contention will be looking at a day-to-day basis at the health of their club, the depth of their club, and they'll be making decisions.  Then it'll get time where we're going to have to start making some decisions, offering players and exchanging names, and determining whether they're going to be able to acquire a player or not."

Melvin also talked about his team's struggles this season and what has to happen to improve upon a disappointing first part of the 2013 campaign.

"Obviously, we've got to do a lot of things better than we did the first half.  I think we're getting our rotation in order.  I think Wily Peralta has pitched well.  We've got (Yovani) Gallardo and Kyle Lohse back at the top of the rotation.  We still have to get healthy in the pitching area.  We get Marco Estrada back and Figaro back," said Melvin.

"Most importantly, getting Aramis (Ramirez) and Ryan Braun back healthy in the middle of the order.  That's what we've been missing on the offensive side.  We have to play better all the way around, but more importantly, get everybody healthy and back in the roles that they were expected to perform at in the beginning of the year."

No, Melvin isn't just spouting off the theme of "Get Back" just because it might have been ringing in his ears from the McCartney show, but the man who reportedly is a decade younger than the ex-Beatle raved about the show in front of a non-baseball record crowd at Miller Park.

"I thought it was fabulous, outstanding," said Melvin, who admits to singing along with 45,000 or so other McCartney fans.

"Paul McCartney has been able to keep the history of the Beatles going.  What an entertainer.  He didn't want to play 'When I'm 64' because he's 71, and he outdid everybody there with the show, I think," said Melvin about the three-hour, 38 song show.

Melvin also raved about Miller Park as the home of McCartney and Chesney, as well as the home of Brewers baseball.

"What a great venue Miller Park has been for Kenny Chesney and Paul McCartney.  I don't know how many musicians, groups that could fill a place of 45,000 that are out there today.  There's only a limited handful that could fill up a place like Miller Park.  McCartney did it."
By Jay Sorgi

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