sábado, 20 de julio de 2013

The Beatles, Pink Floyd Featured in Upcoming DVD Documentary About 1960s London

A new documentary that delves into London’s 1960s psychedelic counterculture scene and its influence on Paul McCartney and The Beatles will be released on DVD on October 1. Going Underground focuses on the changing attitudes young people in swinging London had toward sex, drugs and rock music, promoted by such outlets as the liberal-minded journal The International Times and the famed UFO nightclub.
The 153-minute film features archival footage and photos of The Beatles, Pink Floyd, The Soft Machine and more.  It also includes new interviews with a number of important figures from the scene, among them Soft Machine drummer Robert Wyatt, UFO co-founder and early Pink Floyd producer Joe Boyd, International Times editor and longtime McCartney compatriot Barry Miles and International Times founder and UFO organizer John “Hoppy” Hopkins.

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Source: http://www.classichitsandoldies.com

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