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EXCLUSIVE: Paul McCartney interviewed by News Talk Radio before Mosaic show

McCartney rolls into Mosaic Stadium. Submitted photo/Orestina Utigard from Calgary
As many as 40,000 fans are piling into Mosaic Stadium this evening and Paul McCartney says he's excited to see every last one of them.
Sir Paul called into to CJME's The Green Zone this afternoon as he was making his way to the venue and said he's thrilled to play somewhere new.
"I've been all over Canada, and played in a lot of places but I haven't played Regina before," he said. "So it's exciting to meet a new bunch of people."
Regina is the last stop on McCartney's "Out There" tour. He says the songs he's chosen for his three-hour show bring him back to performing in his younger days.
"Every time I play them, I get to re-examine them," he said. "I get to look at them from my point of view now and I'm really looking at a kid in his twenties writing this stuff," he said, adding that the songs bring back memories of when they were written and performed.
CJME's Jamie Nye asked McCartney how he feels about younger generations enjoying his music over the decades. He said it’s great to see young faces in the crowd but sometimes it's slightly embarrassing for him.
"I've got kids older than these kids and some of the girls are really good looking," he joked. "I'm not allowed to look at them the way I used to look at them."
Fans called in to CJME earlier in the afternoon to say they spotted McCartney taking a bike ride around Wascana Lake with a few people on his tour. He said he enjoyed the exercise and said Regina was a beautiful city.
"Usually you come to a city and you're in and out...but the lovely thing is if you have a little time...you can grab a couple of bikes, grab a couple of mates and have a ride around the lake," he said, adding he was pleased to spot a few people wearing his tour t-shirts.
"A couple of t-shirts spotted me, which was also nice," he said.
You can hear the full interview on CJME's the Green Zone here.

Reported by Amanda Purcell

Source: http://ckom.com

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