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Dhani Harrison Minds the Gap

If you ride the London Underground you see signs warning you to mind the gap. In English (oh, wait, it is English, the Queen’s English) or to Americans it means be careful when you cross the “gap” between the train doors and the platform at the station.
I’m sure George Harrison’s son Dhani has minded the gap many times while taking the Tube. But now when he’s thinking the gap, he’s thinking the place where many folks have purchased their clothes since 1969. Dhani has recorded some commercials for the Gap. The amazing part of this story is that he covered a song his father wrote and recorded for The Beatles on the Let It Be album. For You Blue. It’s sweet. Dhani has been careful not to ride on his Dad’s coattails. His focus has been on his band Thenewno2 and an interesting project with Ben Harper and Joseph Arthur called Fistful Of Mercy.
But Dhani’s not the only one paying tribute to their father in this ad campaign. Alexa Ray Joel, Billy’s daughter, sings part of Just The Way You Are.
If you were working for the ad agency, what offspring of a rock star would you have performing their father’s song…and which song would it be?

Terri Hemmert

Source: http://wxrt.cbslocal.com

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