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How greedy diva Mucca set out to cash in on BRAND HEATHER but always blew it

Publicist Michele Elyzabeth says she will never forgive Mucca

TWO-FACED Heather Mills always vowed publicly she was no greedy money-grabber—but in private her constant catchprase was: “How much they gonna pay us?”
Top PR boss Michele Elyzabeth—the woman who was at Mucca’s side for four years, right through her bitter divorce battle with rock legend Paul McCartney— revealed: “Whenever I discussed any deal or offer that was always her reaction.
“After the split Heather made it her priority for us to do business, making money from endorsements, TV deals, anything. She made it crystal clear to me, before AND after her marriage break-up, that I was there to further her career—but actually money was always the main topic of conversation.
Since marrying Macca in 2002 Heather has constantly insisted in TV interviews that she’s no self-publicist, and devotes herself almost entirely to charity work.
Last week we exposed the inside story of Heather’s vicious campaign of lies to blacken Paul’s name. Now we reveal how from 2005 she urged Michele to find her FAME, turn her into a worldwide BRAND and make her a FORTUNE from commercial ventures.
But former porn model and vice girl Heather BLEW a string of big money deals with her demanding diva ways, foul moods, madcap decisions and rude arrogance.
Michele said: “Heather gave me the green light to get as much business as I could. She was shameless in her desire to make herself as big a star as Paul.
“Yet every time I got her a big offer somehow she’d wreck it or turn down the chance. It drove me mad.
“At first, when she was married to Paul, a lot of commercial people were interested in working alongside her. But as things developed it became clear the deal was really lined up for both Paul AND Heather.

“Then as the crucial moment came to sign up she’d pull out. She’d tell me Paul had changed his mind or wasn’t interested.”
Michele witnessed the awkward side of Mills as she tried to broker a deal for her as the face of trendy American fashion brand Ed Hardy in November, 2006.

“The contract was all drawn up, a 10-month deal at a monthly fee of $10,000 (£5,000),” revealed Michele. “Heather said she wanted to do it and it was a brilliant deal for her. All she had to do was wear their clothes and mention them in interviews now and again.
“So I lined up for her to come over to the US to promote the deal. But Heather kicked up problems on the contract, trying to niggle over clauses and even suggesting she wouldn’t promote their name.
“So three days before she was due to come, with all the TV interviews booked, and flights paid for by the companies, Ed Hardy pulled out saying it was too difficult. I was pretty down.”
Nevertheless Ed Hardy's licensee - PSDI USA - gave Heather another shot in July, 2007. Michele fixed a meeting to discuss the possibility of marketing a vegan (non-leather) shoe.
“Heather arrived in a bad mood,” said Michele. “She blamed it on something in her divorce battle but the discussions turned into a disaster. Heather behaved very rudely, like an impetuous teenager. She had a terrible attitude, was short with chief executive Phillip Chelma and made out the shoes were cheap.
“She further insulted him, sniping, ‘I’ll have to research the company’ adding, ‘I can take a pair of shoes for my babysitter.’
“I could have dropped dead. But it didn’t stop there. I suggested that Phillip and Heather have a picture taken together.
“She shouted, ‘I will NOT be exploited. I’m not here to promote anything for THEM.’
“I didn’t know where to look. I tried to calm things down, but luckily Phillip remained calm. Her behaviour was weird as she’d done loads of photos with other people in the past. She went crazy at me when I called her soon after, claiming I was exploiting her. I let rip at her, insisting SHE was exploiting me.
“I told her that she kept blowing deals by having her say or wanting to make changes to the contract. It was getting crazy.”
In March, 2005, Michele lined up a string of meetings for Heather with major US fashion label Tommy Bahama's licensee Gemini to produce her own fragrance called Voice.
“At first Heather told them she alone would be the face of the brand as Paul wouldn’t agree,” said Michele. “But the company suggested using a photo of them BOTH to promote scent, and then they’d donate a sum to a charity of their choice.
“Heather reckoned that could work, and emailed them one of her wedding pictures, insisting they could use it. The discussions were so serious that the firm mocked up a version of how the advert would look. We were on for £250,000 as an advance with royalty fees for each bottle sold.
“But when the ad came back to us Heather said Paul would never accept.
“Then I got this phone call from Heather saying that the project had to be SCRAPPED immediately. Heather told me that when she showed Paul the adverts he hit the roof. She told me he shouted, ‘Are you f***ing mad?’
“Heather was furious about it. But Gemini weren’t interested in Heather alone. The deal fell through because she wasn’t a big enough star.
“Heather was livid. But she had her revenge at the Adopt A Minefield charity gala later that year—she stopped the Gemini executives from having their pictures done with Paul, even though they’d donated £50,000-worth of products for a gift bag.”
It was the same story in October, 2005, when Michele fixed a meeting with bosses from world perfume giant Estee Lauder in New York. She recalled: “Heather was very excited and we had a very good positive lunch where they discussed the possibility of her becoming the face of a fragrance.
“But afterwards the bosses on high turned her down—they wanted Paul AND Heather. Heather wasn’t impressed. She couldn’t get her head around the fact that Paul was the star of the show. She refused to accept America saw her as plain old Mrs McCartney.
“Another firm looked at selling a range of eco-friendly cleaning products with Heather—until she demanded 50 PER CENT of the company for using her name. But they were already a large established concern and told us to stick the deal. Her bad behaviour, TV rants and lies made making money with the woman almost impossible. She’d just torpedo everything.”
Despite lining up all these deals, Mills claimed to the divorce judge that her earning potential had been damaged by her marriage and the split. But Mr Justice Bennett found she often brought problems on herself.
In his March summary of the £24.3 million divorce deal he concluded: “To some extent she is her own worst enemy. She has an explosive and volatile character.” He added: “She cannot have done herself any good in the eyes of potential purchasers of her services by her outbursts in her TV interviews. . .
“The wife would say she is at a severe disadvantage. I think she overplays her hand. I have no doubt that she does have an earning capacity. She has earned her living since the age of 17.”
It was June 2006 that the News of the World revealed how part of that income had been earned as a secret VICE GIRL. She was paid about £6,000 for sex games with Middle East arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi and to sleep with other men. She also got £1,000 for a foursome with an Arab prince at London’s Dorchester hotel.
Still claiming no interest in publicity Heather privately urged on Michele’s efforts to get her into showbiz as an ACTRESS—despite having no experience.
Michele said: “Heather was desperate to live in America. She wanted to be accepted by Hollywood in any way.
“I tried to get her on Desperate Housewives in a little cameo. The producer was keen, I reckon they saw the chance to get some headlines for the show. But when the stars discussed her casting, Eva Longoria was totally against it. She demanded Heather be dropped from consideration. I even had discussions with the bosses of Ugly Bettty but they gave me a flat no. The major TV shows over here just didn’t think Heather fitted in anywhere.”
In May Heather did have a chance to be on America's hit reality show The celebrity Apprentice but her outrageous demands scuppered it.
Michele, who quit working for Heather in July, was the unlucky go-between.
She told us: “Heather said she’d only do it if she was guaranteed to win. That was obviously impossible so she instructed me to guarantee her a place in the final. Naturally the producers knocked back that idea but still agreed to a meeting with us and Donald Trump, the show’s star.
“At this stage I was getting desperate as this show could open up so many doors for us. But again the meeting ended badly as Heather insisted she only wanted to judge a task rather than be a contestant.
“She lashed out, reckoned the show was manipulating her and moaned at me, ‘I’m not doing it, absolutely NOT! They’ll use my name, I’ll look ridiculous!’ ”
But perhaps a dramatic screen career isn’t out of the question. For Michele insists Mucca can put on one hell of an act when she wants to. . .

During the McCartneys’ two- year divorce wrangle Mills insisted several times she had received death threats and was “close to suicide”. But baffled Michele said: “Heather would NEVER kill herself. She has no heart. That was bulls***. Heather never once told ME she felt suicidal. When she said it on TV it came as a complete shock. There was no way she’d take her own life as there was too much money involved. She cried without shedding a tear on those TV shows talking about death threats. It was an Oscar-winning performance.”
Mills had 999 hotlines fitted in her homes after claiming she was the target of UK gangsters. But Paul’s testimony to the divorce court suggested this was really to keep photographers at bay.
And last year her local Brighton and Hove police boss, Chief Supt Kevin Moore, said: “We are having to spend a disproportionate amount of time on one particular person. We are duty-bound to respond but clearly people who make lots of calls to the police run the risk of being treated as the boy who cried wolf. Officers who have attended previously to find there have been no grounds might not take any claims seriously. That’s the danger we face.”
And although Mills hires a team of guards to protect her at her Robertsbridge home in Sussex, Michele says they are used as skivvies. “Heather treats them like dogsbodies,” she added. “They’re gofers. She sends them on errands, like picking up sunglasses she’s forgotten, getting the dry cleaning, and collecting her mail.
“The security guys just accept it. Heather loves playing the diva, and having them around adds to that image. Just another thing to pamper her already inflated ego.”


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