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Ringo Starr to Play The Ryman on July 7, Celebrate His Birthday at Hard Rock Cafe Nashville

Perhaps because he recently caught wind of his Nashville-residing imposter (not really an imposter), Richard "Ringo Starr" Starkey has announced that he'll bring his All-Starr Band to Music City's Ryman Auditorium on July 7. And in case you haven't memorized all of The Beatles' birthdays — as I may or may not have done as an adolescent — July 7, 2012, will be Ringo's 72nd birthday. Tickets will range in price from $45 up to $225 for VIPs, and will go on sale right here Friday, Feb. 24, at 10 a.m. So nothing out of the ordinary there. There is, however, a mildly strange little nugget in this press release. Allow me, with a little help from our friends at The Ryman, to share said nug: At noon on the day of the show Ringo will be at the Hard Rock Cafe Nashville, where he will continue his tradition of recent years by asking those around the world to join him in a wish for Peace & Love.

OK, so the tradition is that Ringo wishes for peace and love on his birthday? Well, first of all, no wonder war and hate still exist in the world — everyone knows your wishes don't come true if you tell everyone what they are. But apparently, according to this video, Hard Rock Cafe is part of Ringo's b-day tradish and has been since 2008. He spreads the peace and love around — to Hamburg and New York and now Nashville — so he'll probably run out of Hard Rocks in about 297 years. Hey, you know what was going on at Hard Rock Cafe Nashville on Ringo's birthday last year? The Greenhornes were playing our very own Sounds Like Summer series. Wish he'd dropped by for that. Anyway, the chance to see a living Beatle in the flesh is growing more and more rare these days, so I ain't tryna hate. Despite his iconic status, Ringo is the perhaps the most understated and under-sung drummer in the history of popular music.
Oh, and since we're talking about show announcements, I figured I should mention that Chris Cornell rescheduled his postponed performance at War Memorial for May 20. Get your tickets here, if you're, you know, going hungry for those.


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