martes, 3 de julio de 2012

Beatle Museum Says Goodbye

Disheartened staff at a Beatles museum closed their doors on their collection for the last time yesterday (Sunday) after a personal appeal to Sir Paul McCartney on YouTube fell on deaf ears.

The Hamburg museum - called Beatlemania - had hoped for the former mop-top's help to keep the show alive. The display charted the Fab Four's roots in Germany, where the band got their first showbiz break.

Owners say that despite investing 2.5 million GBP, fewer than 150,000 people have visited in the past three years, leaving the project flat broke.

Later today (Monday) the first of the exhibits will be returned to the owners who had donated them after the failure of the staff appeal directly to Sir Paul for help on the six minute film showing the museum's highlights.

Under a soundtrack of Beatles hits like 'With a Little Help From My Friends' and 'Don't Let Me Down' staff had poured out their hearts in perfect English about what the museum means to them.

One blonde guide begged Sir Paul: "You have been here, you have walked these streets. You played one of your first concerts right around the corner and I know this must mean something to you.

"So please if you see any possibility to support us, or you know someone who might be interested in keeping this unique museum alive, please contact us."

Another guide reminded Sir Paul - fresh from his Diamond Jubilee concert triumph - that the Beatles cut their first single in Hamburg, a twist version of 'My Bonny Lies Over the Ocean.'

A message screened over a Beatles soundtrack said: "This is an appeal by the team of Beatlemania to save the Beatles museum in Hamburg. This initiative is not driven by the owners of the museum or the management - this is a personal message from the employees who want to save their beloved museum."

It carries on: "Please share this video with as many people as you can- we are hoping to reach Paul McCartney and we need your help!

Please help save Beatlemania!

LOVE from the team."

But at the weekend staff admitted they had heard nothing from the star.


JPGR™ Write:

We, JPGR™, can help the non-closure of Beatlemania Hamburg.
From JPGR™ was writing to Beatlemania Hamburg for help. Not received any response. In JPGR™ we have a large collection of Beatles memorabilia and instruments, more than 7,000 items. Retrieve the assistance of visitors can be done but with many items.

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