martes, 3 de julio de 2012

Imagine – John Lennon island for sale

LENNON lore about the tiny Clew Bay island of Dorinish, now up for sale, is far-out. One story goes that when the late Beatle and his new girlfriend, Yoko Ono, landed on the island back in 1967, it happened to be the nesting season, and, unsurprisingly, the bird-brained colony of seagulls mistook Ono’s beehive hairstyle for perfect nesting material and, naturally, swooped on her.
Now, two local farmers, who bought the island in 1984 for £30,000 from Yoko Ono after John Lennon’s tragic murder in 1980, have put the scenic island up for sale. Ono donated the proceeds to an Irish orphanage. Almost 30 years later the iconic island, which is among 365 small islands in the bay, is up for grabs for a cool €300,000.
Speaking to The Mayo News yesterday, Andrew Crowley, of Sherry Fitzgerald Crowley, confirmed there was already wide interest in Dorinish from parties who live as far away as Dubai and the US.
“As well as the many colourful associations with the late John Lennon, this beautiful island is perfect for someone looking for peace and serenity,” he said.

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