viernes, 31 de agosto de 2012

PETA to show graphic film narrated by Paul McCartney at Utah State Fair

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals will be at the Utah State Fair next week to showcase animal slaughter at factory farms.
PETA campaigner Matt Bruce tells The Associated Press he managed to secure a booth right next to meat vendors.
Bruce says it's an ideal location to show a graphic documentary narrated by Paul McCartney that shows the slaughter of cows, chickens and turkeys.

PETA has run into disputes as it tries to get into state fairs for the first time this year. Bruce says fair officials in Utah are nervous but imposing no conditions.
In Wichita, the Kansas State Fair has ordered PETA to shield fairgoers from any images depicting animal slaughter. The group went to federal court to get the restriction lifted. A court hearing is set for Tuesday.


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