viernes, 31 de agosto de 2012

Yoko Ono sees son as baby

Yoko Ono has banned her adult son from getting a tattoo as she still sees him as "a little baby".
The wife of late Beatles legend John Lennon can't believe their son Sean is now 36. Sean longed for an inking when he was growing up, but knew he had no chance of realising his dream.
"I'm not allowed to have a tattoo, unless I do it prison style," Sean joked to Access Hollywood. "I wanted to give myself a mohawk when I was young and she wouldn't let me. She sees a little baby who's just like running, crawling on the floor. That's what she sees."
Sean has given up trying to disguise his resemblance to his father. As a younger man he tried to hide his natural features to form his own identity, but his attempts were pointless.
"People tend to see my dad when they look at me," Sean revealed. "That's why I gave up on changing the way I look. So I just have the long hair and glasses now because I can't even deal with trying to disguise myself."
As well as looking like his father, Sean shares the family trait for crusading. He has teamed up with his mother Yoko to campaign against a method of extracting natural gas from the earth, much to her delight.
"It's very interesting because? John and I never wanted to influence [him] in any way," she said. "[When we were] doing concerts and things [like] 'Give Peace A Chance'? he would not sing 'Give Peace A Chance,' in the beginning, you know."

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