martes, 26 de marzo de 2013

Beatles’ superfan on memorabilia

Jean Clayton and the autographs and piece of George Harrison's jacket she was given in 1964.
This photo taken in 1964 was of Beatles fan Jean Clayton of Ancaster.

The fan of the Fab Four had just received two of the group’s autgraphs and a piece of George Harrison’s jacket.
She had managed to get in contact with members of the band’s family through a friend in Liverpool and written to them asking for autographs.
The strip of cloth came from one of George’s old jackets after she wrote to his parents.
Having written to relatives of George and John, she was now going to write to get the signatures of the other two to complete the set.
Whatever happened to these treasured possessions? Are they still kept locally or have they been auctioned off like other pop memorabilia?
Let us know on email We are always interested in your old memorabilia from the Sleaford area. Do you have such keepsakes, let us know?


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