viernes, 8 de marzo de 2013

Yoko Approves Use Of John Lennon Song For Gay-Themed TV Show

Yoko Ono has given approval to The New Normal – the TV show about a male couple and a surrogate who’s carrying their baby — to use a John Lennon song.
The Beatles widow, who’s notoriously reluctant to license Lennon’s works, was approached by the show’s creator, Ryan Murphy, to use the John Lennon song “Beautiful Boy” in the first season’s finale.
The song will play over an entire scene where there will be no dialogue.
In a panel discussion earlier this week at the PaleyFest in Los Angeles, Murphy confirmed the news: “We reached out to Yoko Ono to get permission to use that song for an entire act with no dialogue and she said yes.”

by Cameron KFIX


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