martes, 23 de abril de 2013

The Beatles 101: School offers crash course on the Fab Four

A crash course dedicated to the Fab Four has grabbed the attention of music lovers.
Mount Royal University is offering a three-month course, dedicated to the iconic English rock group The Beatles. Once a week, students discuss everything from the meaning of the band’s song lyrics, to how they came together in the first place, then split a decade later.
“It is like there’s some magic, if you will, some spirit, some inspiration,” says James Istvanffy, who teaches the course. He’s read several hundred books about their group, in a quest to learn the secret of their success. “There’s something that’s just so special about how they not only could write music, but how they performed.”
Students taking the once-a-week class say the course is money well spent.
“I was really looking forward to meeting people and being able to discuss and meet people who love The Beatles as much as me,” says self-described fan Sami Palmer-Forrest.
“I wanted to come and learn a little bit more about their history, and what made them tick,” adds Gary Gillan, who is also taking the course. “All that fun stuff.”
Despite the group’s demise decades ago, their albums are still in constant demand.
“It’s something we always sell, people are always looking for them,” says Chris Dadge, from Calgary’s Hot Wax Records. “The popularity never wanes.”
If you didn’t get a chance to sign up for The Beatles course, Istvanffy is offering a ‘Best of Rock ‘N Roll’ course at the University of Calgary this fall. It will feature The Rolling Stones, Buddy Holly and Bruce Springsteen.

By Tamara Elliott and David Boushy


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