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Wings Over the World

Though essentially a promo of the 70s group featuring on-tour highlights, there are many subsidiary joys. We see a bearded and unburdened post-Beatles Paul McCartney jamming solo in the sunshine, goofing in Perth with Norman Gunston – the Les Patterson of his day – and squaring up to Ringo Starr in some green-room horseplay.

But the best bits are the off-guard interludes: in a rough-and-ready rehearsal for Live and Let Die, Macca scouses up the line “If this ever changing werld...”; and he scats along to a soundcheck for Yesterday, singing “scrambled eggs”, famously the song’s working title. A nice moment, too, when Paul and wife Linda take humble backing vocals for Wings’ unsung hero, Denny Laine.

About this programme

Documentary featuring footage from Wings' triumphant tour of 1975/76, following the rock band in the UK, Australia and the US. Concert performances showcase 15 of their greatest songs, including Jet, Maybe I'm Amazed, Silly Love Songs and Band on the Run, and there are also home movies of lead singer Paul McCartney enjoying life off stage with his family. The programme begins with the former Beatle and his wife Linda in Scotland, before recalling the gradual build-up of the group toward their heyday.
Review by: Mark Braxton

Source: http://www.radiotimes.com

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