viernes, 19 de julio de 2013

Beatles manager Brian Epstein graphic novel for Comic-Con launch

Dark Horse Comics has confirmed the release date for its upcoming Brian Epstein graphic novel.

The Fifth Beatle tells the story of the Beatles manager, who helped guide the group through fame and success in the 1960s, before his death at the age of 32.
The graphic novel will follow Epstein and the iconic band from their early career in Liverpool, their first record deal, and how he struggled with being gay when it was still a crime in the UK.
It will debut at Comic-Con this week, while a new trailer has been unveiled by Entertainment Weekly.

The promo will be screened on a loop during Dark Horse's booth at Comic-Con, while artist Andrew Robinson and writer/producer Vivek J Tiwary will host a Fifth Beatle signing on Friday at 3pm.

The Fifth Beatle will be released on November 19, while a film adaptation is in development.
By Tom Eames

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