domingo, 21 de julio de 2013

Music icon Paul McCartney offers free show tickets to Lac-Megantic survivors

Paul McCartney is reaching out to those affected by the Lac-Megantic train disaster, giving free tickets to his Quebec City show to the survivors.
The rock legend is also expected to address the survivors in attendance at next week's show.
``We've been told that Paul McCartney will say something about Lac-Megantic during his concert but we don't know yet what he'll say exactly,'' said Rachel Dupuis, a spokeswoman for concert promoter 3 E Event, Experience, Emotion.
The idea was floated to McCartney's team by promoter 3 E at the beginning of the week. The former Beatle's entourage quickly agreed.
``We want to give a moment of respite, a few hours of pleasure which will perhaps take their minds off the tragedy into which they have been plunged in the last two weeks,'' said Daniel Gelinas, director general of 3 E in a statement released Friday.
The offer was communicated to Lac-Megantic Mayor Colette Roy-Laroche earlier this week and the promoters said municipal officials appreciated the gesture of support.
The tickets will be distributed in Lac-Megantic on Saturday, the two-week anniversary of the disaster.
The exact number of tickets isn't yet known but organizers expect it to be about one thousand.
It's believed unlikely that Stevie Wonder will appear even though he quipped during a recent Quebec City show that he and McCartney would do something together for those affected by the catastrophe.
After dedicating his concert last Sunday to the Lac-Megantic victims, Wonder suggested during his show he might perform with McCartney to help survivors.
Organizers have since described the proposal as a ``a total surprise'' and no firmer details have emerged since.
McCartney is the latest notable to express support for Lac-Megantic. Others have included U.S. President Barack Obama, the Queen and Pope Francis.

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