lunes, 17 de febrero de 2014

Visual work of John Lennon on display in Carmel

Sure, you know he could play. But did you know he was an artist, too.
The visual artwork of The Beatles' John Lennon is showcased this weekend in Carmel Plaza in Carmel.
"That's what everything else in the room is coming from, is the chronicling of the daily life John and Yoko. This is really the love story," said Robert Pratt, technical producer for the John Lennon exhibit.
The message of the weekend exhibit is, "Imagine there's no hunger," a line inspired by the lyric "No need for greed or hunger," from Lennon's iconic song, "Imagine."
Proceeds from the event benefit the Monterey County Food Bank, an organization whose mission is to lead community efforts in the awareness and elimination of hunger throughout the county.
The exhibition features Lennon's drawings, sketches and song lyrics.
"I never realized that John Lennon had art talent, and his artwork and the quotes were wonderful," said patron Adrienne Fry.
Doors are open until 6 p.m. Sunday. Patrons are urged to make a $3 suggested donation.

By Jacqueline Mazur


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