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John Lennon’s star on Hollywood Walk of Fame defaced by vandals

When Ana Martinez heard vandals had covered John Lennon's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame with graffiti, she couldn't just let it be.
Martinez had produced the dedication ceremony for the star near the Capitol Records building in 1988, and Wednesday marks what would have been the former Beatle’s 73rd birthday.
"I am really, really protective of these stars," Martinez told the Daily News.
"I yelled out, 'Help, we really need somebody!'" she joked Tuesday, confirming that a worker returned the star to its pristine condition Monday. "This is history. It's a historic monument and should be respected, not desecrated like that."
Martinez, who produces the Walk of Fame ceremonies for the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, said she learned about the vandalism Sunday night after a tour guide discovered the markings Saturday and alerted Beatles journalist Steve Marinucci, who in turn reached out to her.
“I saw it and just thought, 'What morons did this?' It was just so tacky," tour guide Gillian Lomax told The News Tuesday. "Maybe John would have liked it if it said something funny, but it was stupid teenage crap."
Lomax visits the Vine Street location regularly for her Beatles-based "A Magical History Tour" and said the adjacent stars for fellow Beatles George Harrison, Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney were untouched.
She said it looked like multiple people were involved because the scribbles, which included a cartoon mushroom and smiley face, appeared to be in different handwriting styles.
“I bent down to try to get some of the stuff off, but it wouldn't budge," she said. "I was worried we were in trouble."
Martinez said she immediately contacted the Hollywood Historic Trust, the nonprofit that maintains and repairs the stars, and they were able to get the contractor making the star for Kenny (Babyface) Edmonds' ceremony on Thursday to respond.
The Edmonds ceremony is taking place just a couple blocks away, and the contractor sent someone to clean, polish and re-seal Lennon's star within hours, she said.
She said she's now waiting for Capitol Records to review security footage to see if the vandals were caught on a surveillance camera.
The Walk of Fame is a state-registered landmark, she said, and its supporters won't let it become a destination for taggers the way the gravesite of Doors singer Jim Morrison has in Paris.
“I want people to know they can go to jail for this," Martinez said. "People can put out flowers or candles if they want to pay tribute. Graffiti is so aggravating."


By Nancy Dillon

Source: http://www.nydailynews.com

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